Piano course

Hi there, 

I want to create a H5P activity to teach piano lessons with the keyboard (not virtual). Any ideas?


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Hi fannyga,

Would you mind elaborating how you want to present the lesson/s, i.e. I like to ask my students to drop the key names to the right piano keys (hopefully my example makes sense).


I want to use the keyboard as a piano, and they can practise the songs.

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Hi fannyga,

Unfortunately there are no content types that let you create the activity you want.


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Hi fannyga,

I think you can create activities to make them practice correct notes with the help of drag and drops / Image hotspots etc. Here are few examples I really like. 

  1. https://viva.pressbooks.pub/openmusictheory/h5p-listing/
  2. https://app.lumi.education/content/634889657ebcc164b09b9e10


I have those activity to identify the notes, but I want to practice with the keyboard.

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Hi fannyga!

I don't think there is a content type that allows you to do that.


Thank you, I had to ask before looking for another solution!