H5P For Drupal 7 is not working.

Hi everyone!
I am using drupal 7.82 and h5p-7.x-1.51 for content-types development purposes. My PHP version is 7.4. My localhost is based on Docker and I can't update my content-type cache from h5p.org. I can ping h5p.org from docker container terminal, but when I try to pick content-type to create interactive video I see next errors.

  • request timed out
  • Site could not be registered with the hub. Please contact your site administrator.
  • The H5P Hub has been disabled until this problem can be resolved. You may still upload libraries through the "H5P Libraries" page.

Increasing max_execution_time didn't take affect at all.
It is very strange because It worked fine before.

Thanks for help in advance.

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I know this is not helping, but I am also using the 7.x-1.51 plugin (on Drupal core 7.93 and PHP 8.1) without any issues. Might not be related to H5P.


Thanks for your comment, I've tried to configure my localhost using OpenServer, not Docker and everything worked fine, maybe It's something wrong with Docker.