"Create" Button not working

A number of my developers and I are experiencing an issue when we finish building an H5P module. When we are ready to create the interactive, we click the "Create" button at the bottom of the builder and NOTHING happens. We have tried clearing our cache and also tried multiple browsers with no success. It seems to be happening in multiple content types (Image hotspots, Presentations, Question Sets, etc.)

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Hi Whitney,

In order to give your bug report the best chance of getting answered, please include the following information:

  1. Platform and version number. E.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle.
  2. Mobile or Desktop
  3. Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc
  4. H5P plugin version
  5. Any browser console errors
  6. Any PHP errors
  7. Screenshots if it's a visual problem

If it worked before:

  1. Any recent changes to the environment (new plugins/modules, updates, configuration changes etc.)
  2. Any recent changes to the browser you're using (new extensions, updates etc.)

The more information you provide, the quicker the community will be able to fix it and the quicker you'll have a working solution!