Modification of slider module (or other module).

For a number of different purposes it would be quite useable to have the option
of "instant switching" between pictures that lays in layers in top of each other.
It should also be possible to do this using a "push buttom" with some text,
lets say "picture one" og "state one".

This could be used for the purpose of technical training and also other purposes.


There is an electric cirquit with no elecrric power on it. You can see 
a picture of the cirquit in the condition "no power".

Then you push the button "power on". The picture of the cirquit in
condition "power on" is now shown.

You the push the button "power off" and the picture of the cirquit in "power off"
state is now shown.

In this way it should be quite easy to make a "some kind of visual simulation" of
electrical cirquits and a lot of other "hot stuff".

Will you modify in these functions int H5P some time? (I will use them the same day)

By the way I tested out the function with Adobe Muse (by modifying the slider) and it worked.
(But a H5P module would be much bether to work with.)

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We have no plans for creating a separate content type for this, but I like the idea and we'll consider it! However you might be able to do some of the things you want to do in the presentation library. We're adding a feature for adding links from slides to slides. This will hopefully be released tomorrow.

We're working on the release note now, and you can see the new feature in action there(go to full screen mode). Will it help?