H5P locally, for special cases.


Is it possible to run H5P fully locally without internet connection (after setting it up)?


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You mean like with Lumi Desktop?

I was thinking more about deploying h5p on a school server (we work on many in-camp colective solutions). I guess if there is a place where we can understand the archetecture to deploy h5p on a server, that will be enough for us to take it from there. We gain the collaborative side that one seperate app a user won't serve.

Lumi seems to be an interesting alternative, especially the Linux version as it is possible to tweak it that way. So, I am thankful for pointing me in that direction incase no other option is available.

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Ah, so your question rather was whether a connection to "h5p.org" or other servers is required to run H5P on your own server once you have set it up. The answer is: No, such a connection is not required. You can run it H5P in a secluded network just fine. You can also install/update libraries withou a connection to h5p.org, but you would need to obtain and upload them manually in that case, of course.