Can't get past "Before you start"

I am succesfully using the WordPress H5P plugin on a domain that many students are using. I have just set up a new WordPress site in a subdomain of the same shared hosting server and installed the H5P plugin - my plan being to separate the training that uses H5P from the main (more corporate) website.

My problem is that when I try to Add content, all I get is a "Before you start' message at the top of an otherwise blank screen.

The new plugin is on the same server and therefore has the same PHP settings as the successful plugin. I have also ticked the setting to connect to the Hub.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Without more details (in particular potential error messages in the server's PHP log file or error messages in the browser's development console), I fear nobody will be able to help you - and even with that this may be some server specific issue that's hard to tackle without access to the server.