H5P Shortcode doesn't work and results in 503 errors

Hi there,

I've been using H5P for a while now and all was well until we moved to a new hosting company. The shortcodes stopped working and we we're getting 503 errors. The hosting company has been super in helping us solve the issue so they turned up all resources for us because 503 normally means there aren't sufficient resources. But even after that as soon as I add a shortcode in an empty 'regular' post....the 503 error appears. It seems something is wrong with the plugin because as soon as we deactivate the plugin, the 503 error doesn't occur.

The website software

Elementor Pro


Learndash Pro

Astra theme

The server config

PHP 8.0.27

I hope somebody would be able to share a potential solution

Kinds regards

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I fear nobody will be able to guess what changed in your server's configuration or what might cause a 503 without actually having access to your server in order to track down the problem.