Audio Recorder BitRate & Filename


I am testing Audio Recorder ... this is a great code.

I have 2 questions :

- Is it possible to force the bitrate of the wave file to 1411 kbps ?

- Is it possible to force the filename of the Wav file to download ?

Thanks in advance,

Audio Recorder Bitrate & Filename
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Hi Danny,

I have not investigated this in detail, but I'm pretty sure the AudioContext, which is what is used for recording audio has support for determining the bitrate, though this would have to be looked closer into. may be a good starting point.

It should not be a problem to change how files are named. Currently they are named after the title of the content, but there could be implemented an option in the authoring tool for overriding the filenames.

However both of these issues must be solved programmatically, and they would require a new version of the Audio Recorder. If you are proficient in programming you could provide a pull request for this on github. Otherwise your best bet for getting this implemented would be to create a well defined post for this in the feature request forum listing benefits and use-cases for this.