H5P Evaluation (Guideline) Checklist

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I created an H5P Evaluation (Guideline) Checklist to help ensure good quality H5P OERs. I haven’t done a formal pilot of the tool. If anyone is interested in trying it out, I would love to get some feedback on it, so I can improve it. Here are some questions I have about it:

• Does this checklist work as a guideline for creating interactions?
• Does this document function as checklist to ensure quality?
• How many interactive types have you tested it on?
• How many interactions in total have you tested it on?
• Was there anything criteria that did not make sense?
• Any suggestions for improvement?


Thank you, Parm, for this comprehensive checklist! I am reviewing literature on quality evaluation of learning objects at the moment, so I am very interested in this.
I  have a general question: Is this intended for a self-check (I rate my own resources) or for peer-review? Or both? I assume it is for self-check as there are some questions that would be difficult to answer for an external reviewer, like the questions on pedagogical fit. I like that these important questions are right at the beginning!
For some items I would need a short explanation, especially for those in the "visual design" section. For the final version of the checklist, I would imagine links to H5P resources for those items that might need some explanation for some people :)

Maria Klar

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Hi Maria,

Thanks for taking time to look at the checklist and I appreciate your feedback. I reached out to get feedback from different perspectives on this because I believe this version is trying to be all things: a guideline for creating interactive contents, a production checklist, as well as an OER evaluation list. Intially, I included more detail, but I recieved feedback that the document itself was too long. I agree that if it's too long, it might not be as usable. Right now, I'm leaning towards splitting this into 2 or 3 more useable tools.

Thanks again for your help,



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For others who are interested in this topic, please see https://connect.oeglobal.org/t/oer-h5p-evaluation-guideline-checklist-feedback-requested/4607 where there are more replies already.

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