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I created a multiple choice question with videos. The user will watch a video that does not have audio and answer a question after watching the video. To make the video accessible, I created a WebVTT file, saved it with an extension of .vtt or .text to see which one would work. I added each of them under the accessibility section in the Question Set>Multiple Choice Question>Video>Description>Add Track. When I tested it with the VoiceOver screen reader (on my MacBook Pro), I didn't hear the description of the video. I don't know if it is because:

  • I did something wrong with creating and uploading the WebVTT file
  • If it is because VoiceOver does not read audio descriptions or
  • I don't know how to make an audio description to be heard (I turned on the "Play audio descriptions when avaliable" and checked to see if "turn on audio description" option was under the video settings, like CC option)

Would you please help me making sure that I have the audio descriptions added correctly and so each video description can be read by a screen reader? I also attached the .txt file that I created.

Thank you!



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Hi Meltos!

I don't think that screen readers read the caption/subtitles for audio or video files from the text track, because the medium is supposed to have an audio track that would conflict with the screen reader audio.

For your use case, providing a transcript would be a common approach. There is an H5P content type that you could use as well: H5P Transcript.