Problem with accessing H5P server via Moodle

Hello folks,

I've installed a Moodle server for my organization but I have difficulties with using the h5p plugin. The problems are the following:

When I try to create content I get the following message:

"No content types are available

Your site is having difficulties connecting to and listing the available content types."

When I try to update the H5P Libraries Content Type Cache I get the following message:

"Site could not be registered with the hub. Please contact your site administrator.

The H5P Hub has been disabled until this problem can be resolved. You may still upload libraries through the "H5P Libraries" page."

I've tried to open the server's firewall but it didn't help. You can see the error in the attachments.

What can be the problem? Thanks in advance.


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Hi MartyMcSuperFly,

You can install the content types by downloading the sample contents then uploading it into Moodle.



Thanks for your answer. Downloading can help us. Though I'm wondering why the server connection doesn't work.



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Hi Marty!

I don't know the current stats, but is meant for testing H5P only - yet many people may still be using it for productive content creating quite some traffic that the server is not meant to handle. Unfortunately, the server also still handles the library distribution and may not be available 24/7. As far as I know, the library distribution is currently being moved to a different server which will hopefully be done soon, because other nice goodies will then become possible :-)