Removing Download/Embed Footer

I'm creating some H5P modules in WP for a class I teach at a university. Is there a way to remove the Download and Embed options to the module? 

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Hi joemefford,

This can be achieved by unchecking the download and embed options under "Display options". Usually this is located on the right panel of Wordpress when you are creating the content.



Is there a way to remove the blue header bar stating "Thanks for trying out H5P..." that is attached to a the contents when embedded into Brightspace? 

Thank you, Glenn

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Hi Glenn!

No, that's not possible. That message is there to remind you that using is meant for trying out H5P only. You'd need to install H5P for free on your own server/platform and embed from there or to host your content on a site that's made for this purpose, e.g.