Learndash : Problem when using Image Hotspots in learndash content



When we integrate the Image Hotspots activity in learndash content (lesson or topic), the button "Mark as finished" is automatically disabled (see button at the bottom of the learndash content). Consequence, the student can't validate the item and he is not able to continue the course.

We don't meet this problem with other H5P activities.

Someone could help ?




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Hi Stéphane!

That button with the label "Mark as finished" is not part of H5P, so I assume that it is an addition of LearnDash and you should ask their support - you pay for LearnDash after all.



Thanks Oliver, you're right.

In the meantime, we found the solution. It was caused by the "Mark Complete button" setting of the Tin Canny Reporting plugin in our Wordpress. In the default configuration of that setting, the "Mark as Completed" button of Learndash items  (lessons and topics) remains disabled for H5P "Image Hotspots" activities that are never considered as completed.

Maybe it can help ;-)