h5p content doesn't show on Safari



I hope this is the right place where I can ask about my issue.

I have a problem with Safari. The content (f.e. interactive presentation, fill in the blank) doesn't show in Safari, in Google Chrome everything works but in Safari the site is blank. I don't know what I should do - it's important that this excercises shows in Safari. I created a course using Learndash (also Paid Membership Pro) and all exercises are built in h5p.

All plugins, WordPress and theme are updated to the newest version.

In attachment there is:

- screen from Chrome

- screen from Safari

Do you need f.e. acess to the page or status system?

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Well, the subtitle of the "Developer" forum that you posted in reads "Technical forum about Content Type or System Plugin development." while the "Bugs" forum's subtitle is "Report and discuss bugs related to specific H5P content types" ;-)

It would help if you answered the items that you can at the top of https://h5p.org/forum/9. In particular, it feels essential to know what version of Safari you are using. And it would help if you shared a link to the content or the content file itself.