LibreOffice Impress to H5P

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In 2023, is there a way to generate H5P "slide decks" using LibreOffice Impress (the PowerPoint equivalent)?

My current workflow has some critical showstoppers and I need to urgently switch away:

  • I create slide decks using PowerPoint.  
  • I then export to SCORM using iSpring Presenter.
  • I create lessons in Moodle (self-hosted).

Problems that make me need to switch urgently:

  • Dependency on Microsoft and their surveillance.
  • Dependency on iSpring which was affordable 6 years ago with a one-time cost of $300, but now they want more than $1200+ on a yearly basis.
  • iSpring is very inefficient with graphics... it only has PNG and JPG options.  I'd like to use a combination of vector art, text (fonts), and WEBP for graphics.  WEBP is awesome since it supports lossy and lossless compression, with transparency (like PNG or GIF), and is overall greatly superior in terms of quality and file size.  The one good thing about iSpring Presenter is that it does separate assets into vectors, graphics, and text instead of just blindly creating a single image file.

I looked at the H5P desktop creation tool but it just doesn't have the feature set of a presentation creation program.  For example, in PowerPoint, I wrote some VBA code that lets me keep a visible version control number on each slide.  I basically can't even get remotely close to what I can do with PowerPoint.  LibreOffice Impress is a significant graphical / featureset capability downgrade from PowerPoint but I could make it work.  Nothing else I've found is even in the same universe.