Bibliothèque h5p sur Moodle (formule mathématique)


Est ce que sur Moodle le plugin h5p contient la bibliothéque mathdisplay par défaut? Sinon comment faut il faire pour qu'un fichier h5p contenant une formule mathématique s'affiche correctement? Merci

"h5p library on Moodle (mathematical formula)

Does the h5p plugin on Moodle contain the mathdisplay library by default? Otherwise, how should an h5p file containing a mathematical formula be displayed correctly? THANKS"

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Hi najoumhiri,

No, the Moodle plugin does not include the Math integration. You can check this documentation for additional information.

Additionally I suggest that you post your questions in English so that members of the community that wants to help but does not understand French will not have to do an extra step of translating.