Video random interaction test

Hello there,

Excuse please my limited H5P knowledge.  

I need to put together some mandatory training classes which requires a very specific attendance/attention check: at a random (unpredictable) time  the video is paused and a popup is shown which needs a response (pressing a button for example) within 30 seconds. If the user does not respond, the video is rewound to the start and it cannot be forwarded back. The checks timing (i.e. when they are triggered) should be computed differently each time the video is launched, such that they are truly unpredictable.

This is a requirement of some professional categories training certifications here (in Italy).

In other words, is there a way in H5P to pause a video at a time set by a program (script), show a popup, then continue or restart the video depending on timeout?

I have toyed with Javascript. The logic is quite simple, but I cannot figure how to use such script at H5P runtime.

Your help is much appreciated! 

Thank you


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Hi Cesare,

I think I already replied to your email in through support. But for the benefit of the community below was my answer:

I'm afraid the Interactive Video lacks 2 specific features that you mention. First is the random time the video is paused and the pop is shown. Creating an Interactive video will always require placing a specific time a content/question will pop up. Second, the contents/questions in IV do not have a timer. Interactive Videos do have a feature to restart or go to a specific time within the video depending on the answers, we call this adaptivity.