Different score calculations branching scenario


I am using wordpress-learnpress with the H5P addon. I am trying to create questions in different categories lets say A, B and C. I want the total per category. I did not find a sollution to do this in one branching scenario. So I have created three branches A, B and C and made different questions per category. This way its not clear for users what to do aspecialy with the automatic restart functionality at the end of a branch .

My questions:

- is there a way to do different calculations in one Branche? Result total A 24 points, B 34 points and C 40 Points

- Can I automatically continue from branching scenario [h5p id= "1"]  to [h5p id="2"] 

- Can i merge two branching scenrio's [h5p id= "1"]  and [h5p id= "2"] 

- is there another easier way to acomplish this

Thanks for the reply.