Will Adobe Flash Support Be Removed?

It recently came back to my attention that Adobe was going to stop supportnig Flash by 2020.  I understand it was removed from iOS and Android several years ago and now all of the major bowsers are phasing out support through 2020.  I was just looking throug the allowed file extensions an noticed .swf files were allowed.  Is there a plan or timeline to phase out these as being allowed file types?

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As far as I know, the .swf files are only used for fallback in rare cases. I don't think it does any harm that the file format is allowed at the present time, but it will probably be removed sometime in the future due to security concerns.

Is it possible to manually remove the .swf line from the package and still have the package work, assuming no Flash content was added to the package? I would like to have a way to have it absent from all of my packages to where it would not even be a fallback option.

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There should be no issue remove the .swf from the file whitelist.