xApi Verbs on all Content Types


One Question: I used man Contenttypes, but most of them have No completed Verb with Points (360 Degree, Crossword, Flashcards, ...). Have you a workaround top geht the completion Verb?


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There's a distinction between "completed" (does not necessarily imply a question beforehand and is usually used by compound content types) and "answered" (which is the verb used for question like content types) even though they are similar. Crossword, Flashcards and many other content types use "answered".


Thx for the answer. A short Question :) ist the Verb-Documentation on the page actual?

As example: https://h5p.org/node/110460/xapi-coverage

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No, it is not, unfortunately.

There's currently no good way to update information automatically, and at some point Joubel (now H5P Group) stopped updating the entries. I suppose they have plans to remedy this using https://github.com/h5p/h5p-registry/blob/main/libraries.json in the future, but that is not covering the actual state yet.

Your best guess currently is to check the respective repositories or to run the content and add an xAPI listener in the console and check what it yields when you interact with the H5P content.