safari show 'this image is protected' in h5p image

Hi, i created lesson content  with h5p and it is working perfetly in chrome browser but in safari browser auto generate "this image is protected" over h5p content's image.Is this safari policy issue or h5p issue.


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Hi Aung Thu Heain,

While I'm sure that the message is not coming from H5P we cannot discount that this maybe caused by something in the content. I suggested on my reply to your other post to provide as much information as you can. As a guide this forum provide several questions to answer. You also mentioned that "I have tried many way to solve but i can't solve this issue", it would help you actually tell us what you did so that members of the community will not provide the same steps.


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This sounds very much like some other plugin that is running in order to prevent saving the image (which is a futile endeavor anyway on the web, it cannot really be prevented) and that plugin might fail on Safari but not on Chrome.