Problem after Drupal -> Wordpress Migration


I am currently working on automated migration script, that exports data from drupal database and imports data to wordpress. Also this script includes export from drupal database and import to wordpress H5P contents. But I have a problem and can't undestand, what can cause that.

I have enabled H5P plugin in wordpress, all required content types are downloaded and installed.
When I importing H5P content from Drupal to wordpress, wordpress H5P plugin see content type and contents, but when i try to edit such imported content I gon JS error, that "h5p.js:976 Invalid library params for: LIBRARY_NAME", what params can be incorrect? That means something is wrong in content json, but i triple-checked it's exactly same as was in drupal and exactly same as wordpress creating in h5p tables, when i manually make same H5P content with same type.

What can cause Invalid library params error, what can be wrong and maybe any solution to automated export/import of H5P content from Drupal to wordpress?