WPLMS integration


H5P and WPLMS are two great plugins, but unfortunately they are not integrated.

However, WPLMS supports Tin Can API, so is it possible to load data via LRS?

There is a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFtnlzu7nVA

Or the best way is to wait for a full integration?


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Thanks! H5P will add an api function so that other plugins can listen for tin can events generated by the H5P content types. With that in place, hopefully very soon, it will be possible to look into an integration if we're able to get in touch with the guys behind WPLMS.

Thank you for reply.

I really hope that you can integrate your excellent plugin with the others plugins.

Just another question, please.

I bought WPLMS Theme, that includes all the plugins for a complete LMS, is it possible to integrate H5P via xAPI or LRS? (H5P is now able to this, isn't it?)

Thanks in advance!

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We're delayed with xAPI so it's not possible yet. I hope that I'll have time to work on xAPI today and hopefully move it closer to the finish line. We hope to publish it this month, but there aren't many days left...

So, good work! ;)

I made the same request in the WPLMS forum and the developers (they are always very polite) replied to me as below:

<< This is already a requested feature and we’re aware of the amazing h5p. We’ll be including this in coming 1.9.x updates. >>

An integration between the two plugins will be a qualitative leap for both.

H5P is already excellent, after this integration it will be perfect! :)

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Thanks a lot! Could you send me a link to the issue at WPLMS so that we may try to contact them directly to make sure that we do whatever is needed at our end?

There are more discussions about H5P integration in their social network, you can use the "Comment" tab in the features page or the Support Forum.

Here is where I asked for H5P and there is their reply (it's in the tab "Comment", I'm logged as "ste_yeu"):


In the Forum there are these (older) topics:




I hope that my English isn't too bad. :)

Thank you a lot!


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Great, I've tried to reach out to them.

I'm very glad!

WPLMS guys posted in a comment that they "will get in touch with H5P guys." :)

So, I wish you a good all the best for your plugins! I'll translate H5P in my language to give my little help...

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Good, we haven't heard from them yet, but I'm sure we'll be able to get in touch.

VibeThemes team say me the integration is almost ready...

Well done for your project work! ;) 

I look forward to trying this integration! :D 

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We're in touch with them now, and we'll try to help them with some final details. Looking forward to it :)

Video tutorial:


Well done! Congratulations to both teams! ;) 

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Hi, there. Thank you for this interesting conversation.

I took a look around. WPLMS appears to be one of the most well made plugins for educational sites, but together with my colleagues we are looking at another one (e.g. EDUMA, by Thimpress: https://educationwp.thimpress.com). On the other hand, amazing resources like X (https://theme.co/x) seem to provide excellent ground to develop a Wordpress based educational website. 

To me, of course, at the core of this WP edusite, there is H5P. So, I find it's nice that a specific plugin has been developed, but my questions, even though somewhat naïve, are the following: 

  • Why do I need a specific plugin? Or in other words, can't I use the WP plugin we mention in h5p.org (Interactive Content – H5P, by Joubel), maybe with a little "help" from the other one (H5P CSS Editor)?
  • What is the difference brought up by WPLMS H5P (that is, theoretically, couldn't I install the 2 above mentioned instead of this one in a website themed by WPLMS?
  • In the end of the day, might I have to expect any issues if we choose Thimpress EDUMA and there we use "no specific" plugin?
  • And eventually, can we expect to have more plugins for Theme.co X, Thimpress EDUMA and so on? Who does this depends upon?

Thank you for your attention.


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I really can't answer for any of the other plugins then H5P. Which is competly independent and standalone from any of the systems you mentioned. It can integrate with other plugins that support xAPI (tincan).

  1. You can use H5P standalone. But some people want the data it produces into other systems. And that is provided by the xAPI integrations.
  2. Does the two plugins enable you to create all these kinds of cool content?
  3. H5P should not interfere with other plugins. But I can't say anything about invividual integrations 
  4. H5P only focuses on creating content, and other plugins have to write integration bridges (xAPI, and soon LTI) if they want to get data out of it.

- Tom