Prevent Drag the Words from revealing the correct answer


I am niew to H5P. I want to use the drag the words quiz to test my students. I do not want them to have any feedback at all. At the moment, as far as I know, when a quiz is finished he correct answers are revealed. I do not want this to happen as others will do the test and students may share correct answers. Is there a way of avoiding the right answer to be revealed?

Thank you very much for your help.


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Hi Andrew,

This is not possible as a standalone content' However if you use Drag the Words inside Question Set and have the settings below should achieve the results you need:

Under "Finished" uncheck the following:

"Display results"

"Display solution button"

"Display retry button"

Under "Settings for "Check", "Show solution" and "Retry" uncheck "Show "Check" buttons"

Here's a simple content that demonstrates this:


Dear BV - that looks just right - I will try to reproduce it. Sorry for the delay in responding.

Thank you


I am not sure if my previous message went t hrough - sorry for any duplicates.

Thank you very much @BV52 for this information - it looks like it is what I need.