Wordpress H5P Plugin and Amazon S3

We installed the H5P Plugin and the AWS & S3 Plugins for offloading Wordpress uploads to S3.

The offloading to S3 works for regular Wordpress media uploads but not H5P uploads.

Is there anyway you guys can support uploads to S3 or do you already using a different plugin?

Thank you,

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Unfortunately, the H5P plugin does not support uploading to S3. Hopefully, this is something that will be added in the future.

Has there been any update on this?. I think people are using s3 bucket for content more than ever.



Integration with AWS S3 is very much needed for our implementation that is a very large multisite, uploading duplicate files for over 150,000 sites puts a very large strain on the storage. A start would be integration with S3.




Hello - Can someone from H5P update this thread? For us, the lack of H5P support for S3 buckets and with 100's of thousands of files, is becoming a deal breaker and forcing us to look for alternate solutions (to H5P).

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Hi jsingler,

H5P.com uses S3 to store files. While for the plugins/self hoster currently we have no plans of implementing this in the near future.


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This decision is extremely short sighted and will lead WP developers to find alternatives to HP5 as AWS S3 video is increasingly essential.