Downloading my content for other sites

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I'm just learning about H5P and how it could work for my learning team. If I created interactive H5P content through say, WordPress, would it have to remain housed on WordPress? Or, would I have the ability to download the content I created to an MP4 and embed the content on another site? I worry about having yet another URL to direct our learners, and would rather have the ability to create content and share on our existing sites. 

Also, have there been issues with content playing in Chrome? Are there browsers that work better than others?

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Hi asyverson,

Welcome to H5P!

As long as the site is created through Wordpress, Drupal or Moodle this is possible. You can also use the imbed feature and imbed the content as iframe. 

In terms of browsers based on my experience there isn't any browser that "works better". Although there are contents that are not supported on some browsers, an example would be Speak the Words which works only in Chrome. You should see a note in the example page of each content if there are browser limitations.