Trouble with H5P Wordpress using Amazon S3

 We are having trouble getting the H5P Wordpress plugin to work well in combination with Amazon S3.  The developers are runnng into a range of issues and trying to come up with solutions. 

Has anyone had experience with this structure? If so we're actually looking for someone to advise us and take a look at the problem we have in place. Alternatively any suggestions would be much appreciated. 

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This is not yet supported by the H5P plugin and it would probably take a fair bit of work to get everything working smoothly with the S3 API. Feel free to create a pull request if you manage to come up with a good solution that would benefit others.

we are also experincing same error. Any update on the solution ?


Thank you 

we are expericing same issue. Any update on the solution ?

Hi Team,

we are experiencing same issue.Any update on this fix ?