Audio with complex fill in the blank


Do you know why it's not possible to add audio as a media with complex fill in the blank activity ?

Is there any alternative or solution to have an audio and drop down list on the same page (exercise) ?

Thanks !

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Advanced Fill in the Blanks (or Complex Fill in the Blanks as the H5P core team call their inofficial patch) was created by Sebastian Rettig, and I assume that he simply never got around to adding that option.

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You might be interested in my 'papi Jo' version of Advanced Fill in the Blanks available on my H5P-Drupal test site. That version was developed with the acceptance (and help) of the original author, Sebastian, and help from Oliver. As shown on the attached screenshot it does include Audio, Image and Video media addition. Detailed description and sample contents available on my test site.

Great !

Thank you Papi Jo !