size of zip exports


is there a way to reduce the size of the exported compressed content ?

looking in the compressed archive, many libraries seems to be unnecessary for the content to run.

moreover, within a  well configured h5p WordPress, we could assume that the libraries are avaiblable and well versionned, isn't it ? 

I would like to generate content from conferences with slides (that would appear as images during the video display) : I will generate many zip files and I would like to optimize the size of each h5p archive. 

one last question, I don't know well PHP and WordPress (I'm from "java land") and don't know where to search for importing error (I tried to empty the archives without success ...) : how could I verify the errors generated by my manipulations of zip contents ?  

thanks a lot for this useful peace of software ;-)


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Hi Philippe, 

There is no guarantee that a plugin would have all the necessary files to run, so to be on the safe side all the dependencies are zipped up.

You could optimize the zipping of your files by modifying the source code here:

I'm afraid there is no inbuilt configuration for zipping files.

What do you mean by importing error?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the answer.

I'll get an eye on the code even if I'm not Php compatible ;-)

For "importing errors", I meant that trying to remove some librairies,  got error that I could'nt identifiy (don't know in which log file to look at).

Thansk again,




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Could you share the error and maybe any other relevant information?


for instance I get this kind of error after removing some librairies :

"Could not validate H5P file.
Make sure the uploaded H5P contains valid H5P content. H5P files containing only libraries should be uploaded through the H5P Libraries page."

It is a very small zip.

I can't  access php error log file because my ftp access doesn't let me.





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Hi Phil, I recommend setting up a local installation of H5P or change the privileges on your server so that you can access the php logs. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

Thansk for your help. I will install locally. ;-)