Crossword content type, correct answer not shown


Actually, I am not sure if it is a bug or a deliberate choice by the develops, but when checking a crossword with errors in it, the feedback is NOT showing the correct answer. Currently the incorrect words or letters are highlighted after using the "check" button.
Why not show the correct word/answer for that specific clue?
In that case, you would immediately see where you were mistaken and how to improve next time.
The "Show solution" button reveals all correct answers, but does not indicate or highlight your mistakes.

My suggestion/request is to show where mistakes were made and also show the correct answer. That way correct answer can be compared with the incorrect answer you just typed.

Alternatively, it could be made a configuraion item, where you can toggle between the current function that displays the incorrect answer, and one that shows the correct answer. I can see benefits for this approach as well.

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The content type follows common practice across all content types.

Clicking on "Check" does not reveal the correct answers (this would undermine the author's option to not show the check solution button and thus to not allow the correct solutions to be seen btw).

Clicking on "Show solution" will do just that. The characters that the student entered originally are still visible below the respective text input field and can be compared with the correct solution there. If you have an idea to have something similar for the grid that makes it clear what the original answer was, also reveals the correct solution and can be displayed sensibly, feel free to share, please.