Does H5P export content with folders or any endpoint to call it?


I have an e-learning platform which is using generated H5P content. Currently, we migrate every course into backend with engineers effort. Recently, we are going to create a UI which allows educator to create courses. As educators are used to to the folder structured of H5P, they have asked us to provide the same structure in our platform as well. However, it will be a repetative work for them. Is there any API provided by H5P that we can fetch the folder/subfolders structured into our application? or is H5P able to export a folder with all content and then we can import it in our platform? 

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Hi aazimi,

Correct me if I'm wrong, based on your description you are using to host your content. If so, unfortunately it is not possible to download the folders that contains the contains nor an API that you can use for this process.

I've reached out to the Product team so that they may consider adding a feature to download folders but there is no guarantee that this will be implemented.