h5p shortcode preview does not work when Editing Page in WP and Image Juxta..


After hitting enter it’s like there is nothing there at all.
It shows up on the the page though.


When I use the embed for that, it says content not available both on the preview and the live page but the shortcode makes it show on the live page, not the preview.

It’s hard to tell what you have without a preview.

On Branching Scenarios, the embed code works fine but using the shortcode does not work at all too in the preview.

This is Image Juxtaposition. Also, the Juxtaposition cut wasn’t perfect. H5P seems to not cut it perfect. I have both photos and they are perfectly screenshotted but when you drag the slider, it doesn’t line up. If you Window mode to Fullscreen Maximize or Fullscreen Maximize to Window mode it fixes the Image Juxtaposition alignment problem. Please fix.
See here: