Rights of use may give way some H5P contents solutions!

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Hi all H5P users!

I have a number of H5P contents which use images as activity support and I try as much as I can to give due credit by filling in the "Metadata (sharing and licencing info)" for those images. Then I enable the display of the Copyrights (Rights of Use) button on my platform interface (Moodle or Drupal).

Now I've just realized that by clicking on the Rights of Use button, the students can easily see those images (thumbnails), together with their legend and author, etc. i.e. all the information they need for answering the H5P content activity which asks them, for example who painted such or such painting, etc.

Has anyone come across that dilemma: to display or not to display the Rights of Use button?

Rights of use
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Any comments, anyone?

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As you pointed out, it's a dilemma, presenting a challenge with two options, neither of which is definitively acceptable or preferable.