Paid account created content hosted in Moodle free plugin


What are the implications of creating content in a paid H5P account in Canvas and hosting it in Moodle via the free plugin? The content in Moodle appears to work, and I can edit it, even though the free Moodle plugin doesn't allow me to create new H5P content.

Some of my questions are

  • Is the content in Moodle still associated with the paid account?
  • What happens to the hosted content in Moodle if the paid account is downgraded to a free account? Does it still work? Can it be edited?
  • Anything else I should know?



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Hi Denise,

The account provides hosting, LTI integration, 24/5 email support, premium contents, LTI integration, detailed drill-down reports and more. 

Self-hosting contents in Moodle using the core integration or plugin is independent of any subscription. i.e. if you create a content in H5P download it and upload in Moodle that content will still work even if the H5P subscription has expired. 


Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!