drag and drop audio function

To whom this may concern, 

i am attempting to use the dictation exercise provided for Russian learning- however due to the reality that most people dont have a russsian keyboard, would there be a way to mix the drag and drop exercise with the dictation exercise- meaning that instead of typing out the russian, one could drag the appropriate words into a box in the right order to form a sentence.


please could you kindly let me know whether this exists on h5p and if you could provide me with a link for it ! 

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Lots of aspects ...

People who don't have a Russian keyboard should use their operating systems' keyboard layout switching capabilities or some plugin for the browser that allows to use different layouts. It simply doesn't make sense to build this into every web application (such as H5P). That's just an explanation for the "lack" of feature in H5P.

You could add an audio file as introductory medium to Drag the Words.

You could hope for the H5P core team to eventually deal with https://github.com/h5p/h5p-drag-question/pull/91 which would add an audio option to Drag and Drop.