Brightspace integration

Hello Community,

I'm totally new to LTI and H5P, so I'm sorry if this is an obvious question :)


I'm struggling to integrate Brightspace with a self hosted version of H5P in Drupal. After some research, I found that:

- D2L Community has an article suggesting that it is possible to perform this integration between H5P and Drupal (see "Using your own LTI integration" section):

- However, his article references another piece from, which is not available anymore, named H5P + Brightspace = Smashing Interactive Learning ( So it is possible that the information provided in the D2L Community is outdated. 

- Digging deeper into Community forum, I found a thread asking about this same article (, where another user answered that this might be outdated.

- I also found some forum discussions suggesting that the LTI integration for Brightspace is only available with (e.g.: 


In summary, it looks like an LTI connection between Brightspace and a self hosted version of H5P in Drupal won't be possible, and the only alternative here is to use Can anyone confirm if this conclusion correct? If not, does anyone have any references about how to set up this integration with Drupal?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi rzanetieco,

You are correct the only LTI connection available is through If you want to use Drupal to host contents you can still use the embed feature.