H5P Bingo


I'd really like to use this H5P bingo activity that I've seen someone has created here: https://www.olivertacke.de/labs/2018/08/20/blockchain-disruptive-bingo/. But I can't seem to import it (comes up with an error message). Is that because it's not actually supported, or is there some other way I could get this to work? 

Many thanks in advance for any help!



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Hi Peter,

What is the error message? Also where are you uploading it?


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Hi Peter!

I think that my post "Why can't I upload H5P content" is going to answer your question. In short: If you do not have administrative rights to install new H5P libraries (e. g. on H5P.com), then you cannot upload content that comes with libraries that are not installed on the platform yet.