Game map endscreen

Hello, I want to show an endscreen in my game map when the user has finished all exercises in the map. I have created a message and I have uploaded an image for theh endscreen. But I don't see my endscreen after finishing all tasks. Is there a setting that I have to use in order to display my endscreen message and my image?

I attach a screenshot of my game map endscreen and the h5p file.

Thanks in advance for help!

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Hi MSMunich,

Your content works. All you need to do is click on the finish button (flag icon). Then click on "yes/ja" on the pop-up screen.



Thanks very much for the fast reply and the clear instructions! Now I know what to do.

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Please see BV"s answer.

The latest version, which is available on my site and which will be released on the H5P Hub soon as well, will let the finish button pulse gently as soon as the user has collected enough points, signalling that the button could be pressed. Also, you will be able to place dedicated finish stages onto the map which work the same way as the finish button in the toolbar.



Dear OIiver, thank you very much for this new feature! I downloaded the sample and it works fine in my game map. This is much better than before.

BR, Margot