Use H5P Hub without letting the lecturers to update the content types


We are using the H5P Hub but we don't want that some roles (like: lecturer) will be able to update the content types. We would like that only admins will be able to do it. There is a way that the option "update available" will be shown only for admin users?

If we disable the "Use H5P Hub" option, then the list of the content types is without the "Details" button that is important to us.



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You will have to change the respective capability setting ("manage H5P content types" / "manage H5P libraries") in your platform's user role manager.



Hi, I already changed 2 capabliyies:

1) Install new H5P content types or update existing ones (mod/hvp:updatelibraries)

2) Manage H5P content types (moodle/h5p:updatelibraries)

so role "teacher" will have "Prohibit' permission. It didn't help. Teachers can still click on "update available".


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Hi Yossi!

First of all: You are now referencing two different H5P integration: the H5P plugin for moodle (mod/hvp) and moodle's own custom H5P integration (moodle/h5p). Both work completely independently. Since you mention the H5P Hub which the latter does not support, changing any moodle/h5p setting will not take an effect on the H5P Hub.

"mod/hvp:updatelibraries" is definitely right, "mod/hvp:installrecommendedh5plibraries" would be another capability that allows to install libraries. You may want to check that as well and make sure that teachers do not have some other role that has these capabilities.

And just to make sure: When clicking on "update available", nothing will actually be installed, but the user will be editing content. You need to click on "Details" and then on "Update" in order to install an update. That's what you meant?


Thank you Oliver.

It seems that the capability "mod/hvp:installrecommendedh5plibraries" is the right one that controls the "update available" display.