Importing multiple questions

How to import multiple questions at once, but not as a question set, but rather as single questions?

I took the multiple choice sample package from this site and uploaded it succesfully. Then changed the content.json file into a file like attached here (see attachment). It contains definitions of two questions instead of one. The rest of the package was left without change.

After uploading the content in Drupal, there is an error:

H5P internal error: no validator exists for questions

No value given for mandatory field question

No value given for mandatory field answers

 No value given for mandatory field UI


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This is not possible at the moment. I've registeres your request in our case tracker, but I don't think we'll be able to do anything about it this year unless we receive a patch or funding.

Any news about it?

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Still nobody working on this and no funding, so it haven't got an ETA yet :/