H5P is trash - change my mind.

Hi everyone,

I can't tell you how hyped I was after learning about h5p (fun fact, ChatGPT brought me here). Finally a project that helps to bring knowledge for free to everyone.

I am currently working on a project where I want to share professional made interactive learning exercises for free for german job-trainees (for the dual profession training system in germany).

To get the best result, I would need a Database full of content filled with questions and so on. But h5p is locking all their great edu-game type behind a wall of oldschool ideas on how the internet should be.

Why isn't there a js standalone library where I can just pass a JSON in order to show a question or task on the screen for the user?

Why does it have to be how it is? Like that its not possible to dynamically create quizzes or reuse content from others (and I dont talk about the .h5p file, because there I reuse the whole "project" not a specific question or task).

It's 2024 and there is no Question import or anything.

Like that, everyone has to reinvent everything all the time instead of just leverage whats already there. This would benefit OER as well.

H5P now has a paid service, thats why. The "new" Hub for OER Stuff? Controlled by H5P and with the same oldschool system. 

Instead of making H5P actual accessible to everyone and for multiple use cases, they just let it be on how it is and will try to add the key missing features to their paid platform.

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Hi CaptnBook!

Trying to change the mind of someone who already seems to have made up his or her mind is often futile and not fun. Why would anyone want to do that? 

If you consider a solution to be trash because it doesn't suit your needs out of the box, so be it. H5P is not a silver bullet.



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Hi CaptnBook,

We appreciate your feedback. We will make sure that we will consider them in our future decisions in developing our products.