updates for European Accessibility Act?


I have been glad to see concerns and questions about accessibility in H5P in this forum. I love H5P, but I know that there are some accessibility concerns. Sometimes it's just due to the nature of the activity, but for some types, even with things like places for alt-text and headers, there are many issues with focus and keyboard usability. If a blind person or anyone unable to use a mouse can't navigate the activity, then it isn't accessible. 

I learned that there are upcoming laws for accessibility in Europe, and I saw somewhere that there would be updates to the look of H5P and more accessibility fixes, but now I wonder if this will light a fire to work on those accessibility concerns more quickly. Any official statement from H5P Group about their accessibility roadmap? 


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Hi seratsuki,

Can you be more specific? You can check the accessibility statements here: https://help.h5p.com/hc/en-us/articles/7505444789405-Accessibility-state.... This page provides the list of content types and if they are accessible: https://help.h5p.com/hc/en-us/articles/7505649072797-Content-types-recom...

Additionally, we are actively reviewing and fixing any accessibility issues. I hope the community keeps reporting any issues that they may find so that our developers can fix them as soon as possible.

- BV



L'utilsation de H5P, un peu récente pour ma part, est très intéressante pour accompagner les apprents; Je m'interroge sur la fonction de répétition de mots ou de phrases, pour des apprenants de langues seconde, qui ne parait pas être fonctionnelle. Y a-t-il une option pour rendre la fonction possible?

Merci de votre réponse.