Facebook Group

we want a facebook group to discuss and share best practices in using ♥ H5P ♥

if anyone interested please create a group and post the link in the comment section so that we can all join!!

I'll create if the h5p team is ok with it. We'd need a few admins though to cover special skillsets.

Me too, I'm ready to give a hand, it's a great idea

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Good idea, let me know where I can join :)

:-0 What do you think of 

H5P: Ask and share

Just created the group on FB, it's public so feel free to join right away. 

In terms of sharing and team building, it might be better to close the group but we could vote on it at some point.

Hope to see many of you soon!


what is the adresse?

Thanks for Creating the Group

the group name

H5P: Ask and share


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Count me in :-)

It's https://www.facebook.com/groups/1872224559758143/ at the moment. When we have a certain number of likes, we can update to the group's name. 

Thanks for joining!

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Great, I've joined!