Video format not supported...on videos that have been running H5P interactivity for two years

Hi there,

I've had the wonderful task of trying to figure out why some interactive videos that some students made for my community organisation no longer work. The interactive videos have been working for the last two years, I don't think anything has changed, and now the error message appearing says "video format not supported". It's still an mp4, the same files, why would it be saying that?

Some details:

Running on WordPress 4.9.1

Videos are in mp4 format (and have been working previously)

H5P 1.10.0 (I updated this recently after I found that the videos weren't working...updating didn't help)

Doesn't seem to matter what browser, mobile or desktop...

Is there anyway to fix this, or do I need to create the videos again?

Thanks for your help!



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Hi Jono,

Please provide a sample H5P so that we can check.


Hey BV52, 

Thanks for your help! When you say sample H5P, what do you mean? (Sorry – I'm quite the beginner).

Here is page that features the original mp4 video:

And the non-functioning version is here under the title "The Problem: Objectifying Women" (this is a site on prevention of violence against women).

Something that I have noticed: there are some links on the the second link above (where the collection of H5P videos are) that are no working. When I clicked on them, they led to a 404. When I clicked back to the previous page, the "video format not supported" message was gone, and I could play each of the videos for about 2 secs each before a "network failure" error came up.

I think the domain name for the site was changed several months ago, and maybe that's got something to do with it as the links may not have been updated. Is that a thing? Anyway to update it so that the work in making the interactive functions isn't lost? 

Thanks so much for your help!

H5P file: 
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Hi Jono,

Thank you for the additional information and the for providing the H5P file. 

When I checked the file that you provided the URL of the video is If you try to go to that site it will give you an error 404 meaning that specific page doesn't exist. I tried checking the first link that you provided above and I noticed that the video in that site is pointing to a different URL which is

You will notice the minor differences in the URLs and this is the cause of the issue. I have tried using the 2nd URL and the video is now playing.

What you need to do is to update the URLs in the activities with the new format.

I hope this helps if you are still encountering any issues or have additional questions feel free to post in the forum.


Hi tried to use the workable mp4 link but the format is still not supported. I am having a similar issue with a mp4 link. When I inserted this link

H5p also does not support the format although it is mp4

Thank you very much

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Hi Minh duc,

I tried using the link that you provided and I can see the error message. I checked the browser console (screenshot attached). This error tells us about CORS or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, which prohibits websites not on the list of the host to use their videos, images etc. Please contact the host of your video to add in their list of sites with Access to their reasources.