Interactive Video - customization


hi, and sorry for my bad English!

I’m a videomaker, and I’m interested to enrich my videos with interactive content.

I’d like to ask you some information:

  • In a interactive video (H5P) playing on webpage, is it possible, with a link button, to play another video (video2) on the same windows on which video1 is playing, and at the end of the video 2 to return automatically at primary video and go on…?

  • Is the icon of link button ( and another icons) customizable, with alpha channel too?

  • Is the label’s font size and the kind of font customizable?

  • Is the integration with Vimeo foreseen, as well as You tube?

Thank You!


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Thanks for posting in our forums. The answers to your questions:

  1. It currently isn't. We're planning to add support for this, but it's not our first priority so it will take time.
  2. You can add your own CSS to customize everything. How you do that depends on if you're using Drupal or Wordpress.
  3. See #2
  4. YouTube will hopefully be release this week. Vimeo is a lot harder since their API is limited.

thank you for your prompt reply!