conditional personality test

Hi there,

I'd like to make a personality test in which some answers weigh more to one personality than others.

One personality is the 'micro model' and it has these criteria:

- max 10 users

- max 1000 revenue

- max 4000 hours of use.

If one of the criteria is not true, than the it is not a' micro model' but a 'midsized model'.

For the 'the biggest model' the criteria are as follows:

- max 1000 users

- max 10 000 revenue

- max 40 000 hours of use

A minimum of 2 criteria must be true for it to be 'the biggest model'.


Is theire any way to this with this plugin? 

This would be of great of help for me! Thank you!

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Hi Heleen,

This is not possible as of the moment. The personality quiz is designed to show "Personalities" depending on the criteria/answers that were chosen. There isn't a setting in the content that will have some sort of "check marks" for certain criterias as you mentioned above.