H5P content access

The content that I customize using existing H5P content and saved on H5P under my account, can everyone else use that as well or because I created it and is under my account, only I can embed/use that particular version on my site?



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You've created it on H5P.org? Everything you create on H5P.org is accessible to anyone without logging in. I think anyone can duplicate and customize their duplicate version of your content as well.


I was wondering this as well. I don't recollect being able to view my own content without logging in to H5P.org, but this morning I didn't have to. Surely this is something new, question is if it's intentional or a bug on the h5p.org site?



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It has always been like that. All content has always been available without logging in. If it every required logging in it was a bug :/ Will launch a new site this year where private content may be created and more features will arrive on H5P.org as well. Right now if you want to create private content you should set us your own WordPress, Drupal or Moodle site with H5P.

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This year :) I'm sorry we don't have a more clear date yet. Probably late this year.

Thank you all for the comments and sorry for my late response!

I just created a new account on H5P and used a new computer & browser while doing so. Upon logging, I cannot see the work created under my this "adhaliwal09" ID. So it seems, what I create using my ID is tied to it and only I can access to this (happy to see this). :)

@ pfe, you being able to access without logging in could be due to the browser cookies restorining your previous session.

Not sure if someone else can do the same test I did to confirm?

Thanks all in advance!



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If you log out and enter the url for one of your H5Ps in the browser (on any computer) you'll see that they are available without logging in. Your content list isn't available to anyone, but your content is.