how to reset the score of h5p objects in Moodle?

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I have added a course presentation and a single choice set to a course in Moodle 3.3. When the course is executed and I do the exercises of the course presentation and the single choice, it get the scores in the Moodle grades wich is perferct. After I clean the scores however in Moodle to get a 'blanc' course grading list again, I can get a clear score list in Moodle but I cannot clean the status of the objects of H5P (they stay in state 'executed'). So when retaking the course again the H5P objects are filled in already and the score of it is not reset.

My question is : how to reset the score and state of those H5P objects?

ps. I know I can activate the option to let the student retake the questions but that's not what I want.


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I see, are you having "Save content state" on in the H5P settings ?
Unfortunately the "reset" functionality has not been implemented yet for the H5P plugin, so this is not supported yet.
There is an issue in the public issue tracker for solving this, you can follow along the progress at:

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Thanks for explaining this. I will wait for further rollout for now as I need this in my courses.


Hi all

iam also looking for a similiar option and found this old post

still this is not implemented?

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Hi jasimp,

I wish I have good news but no this is not yet implemented.



I like the "Save content state" option. The students can then review their answers easily.

As the reset has not been implemented, does it mean that most people don't use that option? They expect the student to retake the activity/test if they go back to the given page?

What is the workaround to reset all the H5P in a course then?

Thanks in advance ;-)