Interactive video

Hi there, I'm struggling a bit with replicating an activity in the sample interactive video:

I'm referring to the 5th interaction. Where the fruit images are dragged onto the other image. I've spent the last few hours trying to replicate this and I can't seem to find the funcionality. I'm working on to learn to use the system. Also, are their any videos that show in a little more detail than the tutorials, how to use the asterixes etc for some of the interactions? Any help on this would be appreciated. 




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Hi James,

Only a selection of content types are available by default on I have now given you access to drag and drop as well. It is tricky to use. When editing the draggables you select which drop zones they can be dragged to. When editing the dropzones you choose the correct solution.

There are description texts with quite low visibility below text areas that support asteriks. Basically you use asteriks around the words that should be turned into the correct solutions.