Request for feedback: Advanced Blanks content type

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I've create an advanced blanks content type that generally follows the same idea as the normal fill-the-blanks type but is more powerful:

  • The content creator can specify a feedback text message that should be displayed to the users when they enter a certain incorrect answer.
  • The content creator can specify parts of the text that should be highlighted when the users enter a certain incorrect answer. ("signal words")
  • The content creator can use text snippets to avoid retyping the same feedback message over and over.
  • User are given more detailed feedback when they make spelling mistake.
  • The content type also allows the selection of a list of alternatives instead of just typing in.

I've added most of these advanced features due to experiences I've made with my student in a foreign language learning context. Examples can be seen here (selection from list, immediate feedback), here (typing, immediate feedback) and here (typing, check at the end).

The content type isn't completely finished yet, but feature complete. I'd be more than happy about feedback (bugs, improvements, ...). You can look at the source code in the GitHub repository.


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It looks very promising Sebastian! 

As soon as you think it's completely finished, you can write another message here and the Core Team will make some time to review and, if you wish, have it added as a new content type under the examples page.